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Satya Sundar
Engineering & Technology


Real people. Real experiences. Real advantage.

  • Sara
    International Relations & Diplomacy

    During my time at ISLP, I completely changed as a person. I realized the importance of and need for defending human rights, especially in less developed countries. Moreover, working together and engaging in true diplomatic relations is vital to having proper relationships with international countries. Overall, I met a lot of remarkable individuals and gained experience that will be with me forever.

    Since returning from ISLP I have worked full time as a legal researcher at Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute. Next week, I will be participating in a mediation training program to receive a certificate in mediation. I decided to do this because I saw the importance of conflict resolution, especially in international relations. I'm also volunteering at the Center for Disability Rights. This semester I'm conducting an independent study at Cornell to utilize and expand my knowledge from ISLP. I will be doing an economic analysis on the effects of communism and its lasting impact in the Czech Republic and Hungary. This experience truly changed my life and verified my career goal of becoming a human rights attorney.

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  • Jennie
    Nursing & Health Care

    When I returned from South Africa I tested for my national boards to officially begin my journey as a Registered Nurse. I have applied to the United States Public Health Service to work for Health and Human Services. I only learned of this opportunity through our faculty member Sue Larkin. My ISLP experience definitely reaffirmed my aspirations to practice nursing on a more global level. I look forward to the journey!

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  • Cui pala pala molior comis utinam jugis damnum augue.
    Business & Entrepreneurship

    My experience in China has made me look at the world in different ways. After visiting the English Corner at the People’s University and interacting with Chinese students, I saw the potential of China even more. It was nice to get a glimpse of how the Chinese live. I realized that China is extremely different from the US, but we can still have many of the same common values, like quality education, affordable living, the pursuit of happiness, and financial stability for instance. I enjoyed ISLP and it will remain as one of the best times of my life.

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  • Wes
    Medicine & Science

    Since I have come home from ISLP, I have been showing lot of friends and family members all of the pictures and sharing the experience about the culture and medicine I gained there. The experience with ISLP has reaffirmed my decision to go forth with a career in medicine.

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