Alice Keating, Business Faculty Advisor, says:

"The shared experience of traveling internationally with college students intensifies the faculty-scholar relationship, allowing for a deeper more meaningful educational impact.”

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About Us

Providing Accomplished Scholars with a Lifelong Advantage

The International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP), developed by experienced educators over 25 years ago, continues to educate, motivate, and inspire accomplished students through interactive, experiential and engaging programs, and encourages them to reach ever higher and achieve more in their lives and careers.

Each year, the nation’s preeminent college and university students join international delegations and travel to the world’s most prominent and important centers of business, medicine, nursing and health care, engineering and technology and international relations and diplomacy.

The achievements of our scholars and the proven reputation of our program affords our ISLP delegations with unique access to the world’s most fascinating people and places.  Delegation scholars enjoy a culturally-immersive experience that combines select career-focused site visits with unique cultural exchanges, dialogue and discussions with host nation students, professors and leaders to foster in each participant a new sense of possibility and a renewed drive to succeed.

We are proud of the program we have built, the learning we have advanced, the access we have made possible and the relationships we have developed. But, in truth, the real measure of our success and source of our greatest pride are our alumni. Their success is really what we are all about. So please, do not simply take our word for it, but instead turn to our alumni testimonials and see for yourself what those to whom we have dedicated ourselves think about the job we have done.